011 484 7254
Centre Coordinator:Aretha Kausele
Program Director:Shani Lits (nee Zuk)
Centre Manager and Cape Town Facilitator:Chanel Baumgarten
General Golf day admin:Michelle Le Roux
Golf day/Fundraising requests:Nico Van Rensburg
Administrative and Media Assistant:Fatima Abdulla
Facilitator:Inga Mdlatu

011 484 7254

Centre Coordinator:
Aretha Kausele

Program Director:
Shani Lits (nee Zuk)

Cape Town Facilitator:
Chanel Baumgarten

General Golf day admin:
Michelle Le Roux

Golf day/Fundraising requests:
Nico Van Rensburg

General Fundraising and
Marketing Requests:
Nondumiso Khuzwayo

Inga Mdlatu


Professionals are welcome to refer families to contact us directly. Alternatively, you can send us a referral letter, together with a copy or confirmation of an appropriate diagnosis.

All families are welcome to apply by completing and returning all sign-up forms, however it is a requirement for these to be sent together with a copy of a recent diagnostic report and any other relevant additional schooling, therapeutic or medical documentation.

Once you’ve downloaded the form using the above button, you can either complete the form on your computer/phone, or you can print the forms to fill in, and then scan them thereafter to send to Aretha.

Please send completed forms to , or email her directly should you have any queries.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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