Is Els for Autism | South Africa a school that my child can attend?
We are not a school. Whether your child is in school, at a creche, or at home, you will be offered an opportunity to coach your child, using evidence based practices, to help your child to reach his/her potential.

What does your centre offer? And how much does it cost?
We are a centre focused on empowering caregivers or parents. We offer fully sponsored training opportunities to caregivers, to tap into the primary resource in the child’s life. Parents come into the centre once to twice per month with the aim of learning core skills to help guide them in their teaching of their child.

What type of children and caregivers do you offer services to?
In order to apply, you will need to send us a copy of the report stating that your child has received an Autism diagnosis. This, along with the registration forms, are all that is required to apply.  Please contact should you wish to apply.  Whether our child is non-verbal or verbal, requires low, moderate or high support needs- all families are welcomed. Please note that because we are an NPO, priority is given to families with fewer resources available to them.

I am involved in an organisation or event and am looking for financial sponsorship from your organisation. How do I apply?
Els for Autism | South Africa is a Not-for-profit organisation. As such we rely on fundraising events and sponsorships so as to continue to provide our services to families without cost to those families.  As a result, we do not offer sponsorship for third party events or organisations at this time.

I am wanting to play in an upcoming golf day fundraiser, or take part in another event run by Els for Autism | South Africa. Who do I contact?
For further information regarding golf days, please email

For requests regarding fundraising opportunities, please email
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